Splitting and trimming

A question of the tool

Interesting facts

Always pay attention to the type of axe you are using. Due to the diverse shapes not all axes are useful for all for all shapes. For instance a forest axe is not suitable for splitting wood and might even be damaged in the process.

In the same way a splitting axe is not useful for chopping and trimming wood. Refer to our instruction manual when selecting an axe for a job or check the product descriptions.

Axe & Hatches


The perfect form
for every function

Universal shape
// Normal shape

Usable all-around for easy chopping, splitting and garden work.

Ground to normal sharpness

Forest Axe
// extra slim

Extra slim forging of the blade especially for cutting down trees.

Ground to high sharpness

Splitting Axe
// crowned shape

The crowned shape makes splitting easier for maximum splitting power with minimal effort.

Für starkes Holz und große Stücke

Security wedging
// for all axes and hatchets

A wooden wedge combined with two round steel wedges achieve a connection that can withstand much higher pulling torques that the DIN-norm require for an Axe or hatchet.

the trailer

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Authentic tools for originals.

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